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The Ancient SouthwestThe Ancient Southwest

Chaco Canyon,Bandelier, and Mesa Verde, Revised Edition

David E. Stuart

Narrated by Todd Curless

Available from Audible

Book published by University of New Mexico Press

Over twenty-five years ago, David Stuart began writing award-winning newspaper articles on regional archaeology that appealed to general readers. These columns shared interesting, and usually little-known, facts and stories about the ancient people and places of the Southwest.

By 1985, Stuart had penned enough columns to fill a book, Glimpses of the Ancient Southwest, which has been unavailable for years. Now he has rewritten most of his original articles to include recently discovered information about Chaco Canyon, Bandelier, and Mesa Verde.

Stuart's unusual perspective focuses on both the past and the present: "Want to know why gasoline now costs $4.00 a gallon, and is headed higher, yet we have no instant solution? Chacoan, Roman, even Egyptian archaeology all provide elemental answers." The Ancient Southwest shares those with us.

David E. Stuart has conducted fieldwork in Mexico, Alaska, Ecuador, and the American Southwest, where he continues to publish in both Anthropology and Archaeology. He served the University of New Mexico as a senior academic administrator for many years, and still teaches the Archaeology of New Mexico.


The Ancient Southwest is a layman's primer, filled with delightful anecdotes about the fantastic ruins of the Southwest and the archaeologists who study them.”

American Archaeology

“Stuart's writing is heavily researched and provides very much insight for readers to enjoy on the topic. The Ancient Southwest is informed reading for non-specialist general readers curious about ancient peoples, their cultures, lifestyles, and artifacts.”

Midwest Book Review

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