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New Threats to FreedomNew Threats to Freedom

Edited by Adam Bellow

Narrated by B. J. Harrison

Available from Audible

Book published by Templeton Press

In the twentieth century, free people faced a number of mortal threats, ranging from despotism, fascism, and communism to the looming menace of global terrorism. While the struggle against some of these overt dangers continues, some insidious new threats seem to have slipped past our intellectual defenses. These new threats are quietly eroding our hard-won freedoms, often unchallenged and, in some cases, widely accepted as beneficial.

In New Threats to Freedom, editor and author Adam Bellow has assembled an all-star lineup of innovative thinkers to challenge these insidious new threats. Some leap into already raging debates on issues such as Sharia law in the West, the rise of transnationalism, and the regulatory state. Others turn their attention to less obvious threats, such as the dogma of fairness, the failed promises of the blogosphere, and the triumph of behavioral psychology.

These threats are very real and very urgent, yet this collection avoids projecting an air of doom and gloom. Rather, it provides a blueprint for intellectual resistance so that modern defenders of liberty may better understand their enemies, more effectively fight to preserve the meaning of freedom, and more surely carry its light to a new generation.

Contributors include: Anne Applebaum, Bruce Bawer, Peter Berkowitz, Max Borders, Jessica Gavora, Michael Goodwin, Daniel Hannan, Alexander Harrington, Mark Helprin, Christopher Hitchens, Robert D. Kaplan, James Kirchick, Greg Lukianoff, Barry C. Lynn, Katherine Mangu-Ward, Tara McKelvey, Mark T. Mitchell, Michael C. Moynihan, Chris Norwood, Glenn Harlan Reynolds, Naomi Schaefer Riley, Christine Rosen, Ron Rosenbaum, Stephen Schwartz, Lee Siegel, Christina Hoff Sommers, Shelby Steele, and Dennis Whittle.

Adam Bellow is vice president/executive editor at Harper-Collins. He has also been an executive editor at Doubleday (Random House) and was formerly editorial director of The Free Press (Simon & Schuster). His essays and articles have appeared in numerous publications. He is also the author of In Praise of Nepotism: A History of Family Enterprise from King David to George W. Bush.


“The 30 contributors to Bellow’s collection of brief essays grapple head-on with various American freedoms and how fragile they are. The arguments deal with new ways of understanding freedom and the counter-forces at work to undermine them, more often from within than from outside... Bellow has assembled an A-list of commentators.”

The American Spectator

“Some of the essays in this book will truly alarm you. Some will have you wondering what all the fuss is about. And, some while pointing to a true problem aren't really a threat to freedom.... I strongly recommend it. You won’t agree with every essay, but so what? It will get you thinking, and that's what counts.”

The Propagandist

“External threats to democracy abound, from the explosive-laden SUV in New York City onward, but it is the internal and very real threats to American freedom that you will want to explore in these thoughtful, informed essays in order to be more effective in the urgent need to preserve the meaning of freedom.”

Weekly Press

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