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Emiliano Zapata!Emiliano Zapata!

Revolution and Betrayal in Mexico

Samuel Brunk

Narrated by Charles Henderson Norman

Available from Audible

Book published by University of New Mexico Press

The life of Mexican Revolutionary Emiliano Zapata was the stuff that legends are made of. Born and raised in a tiny village in the small south-central state of Morelos, he led an uprising in 1911—one strand of the larger Mexican Revolution—against the regime of long-time president Porfirio Díaz. He fought not to fulfill personal ambitions, but for the campesinos of Morelos, whose rights were being systematically ignored in Don Porfirio’s courts.

Expanding haciendas had been appropriating land and water for centuries in the state, but as the twentieth century began things were becoming desperate. It was not long before Díaz fell. But Zapata then discovered that other national leaders—Francisco Madero, Victoriano Huerta, and Venustiano Carranza—would not put things right, and so he fought them too. He fought for nearly a decade until, in 1919, he was gunned down in an ambush at the hacienda Chinameca. In this new political biography of Zapata, Brunk, noted journalist and scholar, shows us Zapata the leader as opposed to Zapata the archetypal peasant revolutionary. In previous writings on Zapata, the movement is covered and Zapata the man gets lost in the shuffle. Brunk clearly demonstrates that Zapata’s choices and actions did indeed have an historical impact.

Samuel Brunk is associate professor of history, University of Texas, El Paso.


“Skillfully written, well researched, and provides many new and valuable insights into Zapata.”

Books for the Western Library

“An excellent book.... Brunk has produced an essential work on Emiliano Zapata.”

The Americas

“The most realistic analysis of Zapata and his movement ... straightforward, thoughtful ... Brunk’s very readable book is the most accurate study on Zapata now existing.”

New Mexico Historical Review

“Samuel Brunk is to be applauded ... [his] style and scholarship are unimpeachable, confirming ... a solid, well-researched, narrative history.”

Latin American Studies

“The author examines both Zapata and the movement in great detail; neither gets lost in the narrative. Perfect for the history buff or someone simply interested in learning more about Zapata.”

Hispanic Link Weekly Report

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