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The Development of a Native World

William Engelbrecht

Narrated by Caleb Rector

Available from Audible

Book published by Syracuse University Press

Drawing on archaeology, historical evidence, oral traditions, and linguistics, this book provides a dynamic view of Iroquois life from the prehistoric period and Owasco sites through the establishment of the Five Nations.

William Engelbrecht is professor emeritus of anthropology at Buffalo State College. His articles have appeared in many journals, including American Antiquity, North American Archaeologist, Northeast Anthropology, and Bulletin: Journal of the New York State Archaeological Association.


“This volume represents far more than a description of the culture, history, and archaeological record of the Iroquoisit is an accessible, anthropological account of their world. It should be considered essential reading not only for scholars ... but also anyone interested in understanding contemporary Iroquois world view and politics. It is a book that celebrates the dynamic history of a living culture.”

Ontario Archaeology

“William Englebrecht draws on archaeology, ethnology, historical evidence, and oral traditions to give the reader a detailed overview of this great culture from its ancient roots until today.... An outstanding survey of this captivating episode of America's heritage.”

American Archaeology

“A very accessible and plainspoken account of the Iroquois and their homeland ... The book's strength lies in its use of enthnohistory.... Engelbrecht's descriptions of the Iroquois economy, practiced in the throes of what to all appearances was unending strife and warfare, are some of the best available. So too are his depictions of villages and village life, which are based not only on his own field work, but also [on] information gleaned from the most recent, authoritative literature.”

New York History

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